Make parents life easier, with more time to rest, always thought in securitya and time saving.

How we born

B-Mum is a Portuguese company that came about as a result of the fantastic experience of being a MOTHER (B-Mum).

During both pregnancies I received a numerous amount of advice and concerns from health professionals (hospital, health centres and paediatricians) as to how we should place the baby in the crib and what we should do to prevent and reduce the risk of suffocation (one of the risk factors of Sudden Death in new-borns) by the sheets and / or bed linen.

As a practical person and an apologist for giving our children the greatest peace of mind, I tried to find a solution that would reduce my fears and desires in this matter as much as possible, thus SafetyBabyBed was born.



Help mothers by making their life a little easier, help mothers get more rest as well as always keeping in mind safety, time saving and the practical component.


To be a reference company in the area of products and services for children.


Trust (commitment to our customers); Quality (availability of products and services of superior quality, able to meet the actual needs of customers); Innovation: permanent search for new and better products, new solutions to be able to respond as effectively as possible to the needs of our customers.


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