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As a pediatrician I recommend and recommend, without a doubt, the SafetyBabyBed. I was able to monitor their development and check out the huge benefits and benefits for babies both in terms of safety especially in practical terms. Death by suffocation is a problem that unfortunately we are debating and one of our priority concerns. I think it’s a fantastic idea, I recommend it.

Dra. Cláudia Neto
Pediatrician – Hospital da Senhora da Oliveira – Guimarães, EPE

SafetybabyBed is very comfortable, suitable and very pertinent for the babies until the first year of life. It provides greater peace of mind for parents, because during sleep the children are safe and less exposed to the risk of smothering by sliding on the sheets and simultaneously ensures that the baby does not uncover. I recommend its use.

Nurse Ana Luísa Bastos
Head Nurse Pediatrics Service – Hospital da Senhora da Oliveira – Guimarães, EPE

The problem of sudden death is a problem that causes great anxiety to parents and also to health professionals. It is a theme that is always addressed in all the accompaniment that we do during this fantastic journey that is the maternity. I consider it an excellent option to minimize the risk of smothering and provide greater peace of mind for parents.

Nurse Helena Machado
Nurse Specialist in Maternal Health – Hospital de Braga


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