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As a pediatrician I recommend and recommend, without a doubt, the SafetyBabyBed. I was able to monitor their development and check out the huge benefits and benefits for babies both in terms of safety especially in practical terms. Death by suffocation is a problem that unfortunately we are debating and one of our priority concerns. I think it’s a fantastic idea, I recommend it.

Doctor Cláudia Neto
Pediatrician – Hospital da Senhora da Oliveira – Guimarães, EPE

SafetybabyBed is very comfortable, suitable and very pertinent for the babies until the first year of life. It provides greater peace of mind for parents, because during sleep the children are safe and less exposed to the risk of smothering by sliding on the sheets and simultaneously ensures that the baby does not uncover. I recommend its use.

Nurse Ana Luísa Bastos
Director Nurse – Hospital da Senhora da Oliveira – Guimarães, EPE

The problem of sudden death is a problem that causes great anxiety to parents and also to health professionals. It is a theme that is always addressed in all the accompaniment that we do during this fantastic journey that is the maternity. I consider it an excellent option to minimize the risk of smothering and provide greater peace of mind for parents.

Nurse Helena Machado
Nurse Specialist in Maternal Health – Hospital de Braga and Helena Machado Academy

The SafetyBabyBed is an essential accessory that I recommend on every baby trousseau list.
It has a practical, comfortable, durable, fresh, simple, beautiful and national system ☺
Of course, in addition to all the advantages, I highlight safety, because as a mother and nurse nothing relaxes me more than the feeling that I did everything to prevent “less pleasant” situations, valuing the well-being and health of my/your children!.

Nurse Alexandra Cardoso
Nurse Specialist in Maternal Health – ACES Gondomar and USF Monte Crasto

B-mum appeared as a guardian angel in our lives. (…) with great difficulty when resting because it is always too stimulated, which results in endless hours of movement even in the deep sleep phase.
We decided to buy the SafetyBabyBed system after the baby started to turn over on its own during the night and because we thought he wasn’t getting enough rest for a baby his age for the same reason. (…)
With the system (…) he doesn’t free himself and sleeps much more peacefully, just like his parents. In addition, since using the SafetyBabyBed, even when you do not sleep contained by the system, you are less likely to turn over during sleep. To praise and thank with a full heart, the humility of someone who, despite running a business, tried to help us from the heart. (…).  Thank you very much for everything and whenever I find it necessary in future situations I will recommend this guardian angel to more moms.

Tânia Margarida

Lying the baby in the supine position (belly up) and raising the head of the bed are basic recommendations for the prevention of sudden death syndrome. The B-Mum® sheet system allows you to comply with these guidelines, combined with aesthetics and comfort. It allows the use of a top sheet with a fixed fold, ensuring that it does not cover the baby’s head. The speed with which the entire system is replaced reduces the embarrassment associated with the constant replacement of bed linen, inherent to the child’s stage of development. Over more than a decade, I have been teaching parents and caregivers to adapt existing products on the market to the safety and comfort needs of children. I recommend B-Mum® sheets as a solution for safe sleep and rest in the first years of life.

Nurse Andreia Teixeira
Family Nurse, Child Health Specialist

The Academia Pre and Post partum Nurse Telma Cabral, in addition to offering services to families in the area of Maternal and Obstetric Health, promotes products in which it believes, as it considers them to enhance the quality of life of the baby and the parents. And if the safety of the baby, namely the problem of sudden death, is one of the priorities of parents and health professionals, SafetyBabyBed sheets are an important ally, in our opinion (…).The Academy would like to emphasize one more important point, we must not only pay attention to increased safety, but also to more favorable sleep and rest for these parents, which I am sure will be more peaceful and restorative. Therefore, they will be able to be less tired, so they can enjoy their baby and their parenting.

Nurse Telma Cabral
Pre and Post Partum Academy

I decided to buy a set of sheets and duvet after seeing an article about the brand and despite never having had any contact with it I was pleasantly surprised. Since the purchase was made during Easter, I received an sms apologizing for the delay in delivery, noting that the order arrived from one week to the next, I even thought it was fast. After arriving, it was easy to understand all the care put into the order, from the box, the fabric tape to wrap it, the wonderful smell that everything came with… and there is no mention of the quality of the material used in the manufacture, a true experience. I loved it and I smell that I will buy one more set or another. I recommend without a doubt!.

Carol Costa

There are still many doubts and wrong beliefs about baby sleep safety! In my experience it starts with the sleeping position. Amazingly, many families still consider that putting the baby to sleep on its side is the safest position due to the risk of choking!!In this sense, I believe that we still have a lot to work on these concepts and on the fears of parents.Acting in PREVENTION is the best we can do and B-Mum’s SafetyBabyBed sheets are a good option in this prevention and in reducing this risk!

Nurse Margarida Medeiros Lança
Nurse Specialist in Maternal Health and Obstetrics

I know your product very well and we’ve covered a lot the topic of SIDS to Parents. So, I think it makes a huge difference in the lives of newborns and congratulations for that 🙂

Nurse Joana Aguiar Cardoso
Maternal Health Nurse

The SafetyBabyBed contributes to a peaceful, safe nap. Calm mothers, calm babies. As a nurse I support a project that contributes to the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Nurse Midwife Ana Sofia Rodrigues
Specialist Nurse in Maternal Health – Centro Hospitalar do Barlavento Algarvio

I definitely recommend it !!! 2 sets came to Switzerland!! And more will come!! To begin with: friendliness, kindness and availability are qualities of this brand, of these people who are behind this brand!! That alone gives you all the value!! And to finish the product quality!! Allies in the fight against sudden death and in favor of a peaceful and restful sleep mother-bebe!! Welcome!!?

Nurse Patrícia Rainha Beleza
Mother and Nurse

I saw the interview on Ana Rita Clara’s show and thought it was a great idea! I ordered it and it arrived the same week. I’m amazed! I don’t have to keep putting baby in the right position every five minutes. I will order more. Thanks!

Sandra Sequeira

Fantastic team, extremely simple and available. Congratulations on the innovative idea. Good luck with this fantastic project of yours. I’m already a fan!!!

Nurse Cátia Quintas
Mother and Nurse

A brand with quality and excellence services! For those who prioritize the safety and well-being of their children, I have no doubts, they should purchase these products. My children are already grown, but I know the products well, because whenever I need a souvenir for a new mom, I turn to B-Mum®, and everyone was pleasantly surprised! Congratulations B-Mum®!.

Maria Costa


I loved discovering these sheets. And how proud they are to be the creation of yet another researcher in our country ?? I recommend. Excelent idea.

Ariana Jacome
Mother, Researcher and Founder of “Fraldas de Pano.pt” (Blog)

Good morning, I couldn’t be happier with the #SafetyBabyBed, my baby sleeps peacefully and so do I. Thank you so much for all the follow-up and professionalism.


A product that really seems to me to be an asset for the safety of newborns.

Nurse Maria João Guerra
Specialist Nurse in Maternal Health and Obstetrics and Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of Porto

Exceeded expectations! It was recommended to me by the nurse in the birth preparation classes and I am grateful. From helping with the order to receiving it, everything was very well organized. The concern of the B-Mum team until the delivery was wonderful. I recommend the system, it will certainly help me to reassure my sleep and the baby….

José Nogueira

Sudden Death Syndrome is a topic of great concern to health professionals and parents. It is known that the cause is unknown, however there are ways to prevent it. One of these ways is to put the baby to sleep in the supine position with the head to the side and without any object in the crib.
As a Specialist Nurse in Maternal and Obstetric Health, this is a theme that is present in my daily practice, at the hospital level and at the level of preparation classes for childbirth. So I had the opportunity to get to know the Safety Baby Bed system created by B-Mum®.
I consider this system to be very useful, as it provides parents with greater peace of mind during the baby’s sleep, due to the fact that it has a safety system that adapts to its size, preventing it from slipping on the bed and the sheets covering its head. It is practical, as parents can easily change the sheets and being waterproof, it also allows for greater comfort for the baby.
Because at this stage, the most important thing is that babies are protected and safe, I believe that this system is really an asset and a useful, beneficial, comfortable and safe acquisition, both for the parents and for their most precious asset, the baby.s.

Nurse Magda Rocha
Specialist Nurse in Maternal Health and Obstetrics / Creator of the Nursingbaby101 project / Nurse at ESMO in CHTMAD Vila Real


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